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Your Courses:


Kerrin's famous Pocket Poppie dolls are loved by young and old. Learn how to make these dolls, plus clothing and shoes using basic sewing skills. These Classic cloth dolls can be fantastic gifts too. A wonderful skill to learn step-by-step in this video course.


Two Writing Courses: (Video based)

1. How to Plan Your Novel: Learn the writing process from start to finish with full time author Matthew Dewey;



2. Writing a Thriller Novel for Beginners: Then hone those writing skills to create a page-turning thriller!


Two courses from Antonia Dewey:

1. Portraiture for Beginners

Perfect your drawing skills by getting a solid foundation in pencil drawing. Great portraits start with strong drawing skills. Antonia will help you to level up your drawing quickly and effectively.



2. Learn How to Draw Dogs:

A popular subject whether it is your own lovable pet or portraits of your collector's pets. This drawing course is a worthwhile addition to your creative skills.


Two Painting Courses and Two Books by Malcolm Dewey:

1. Watercolor and Pastel Painting:

Create stunning light filled paintings using watercolor and pastel. Suitable for beginners or anyone looking for an exciting multi-media method.




2. Painting Trees and Light:

A not to be missed master class in painting landscapes. Complete painting lessons that will increase your understanding of color, values and shadows.




3. An Artist's Survival Guide and How to Loosen Up Your Painting:

Two popular books my Malcolm that you can download in PDF format

The Contributors:

Malcolm Dewey is a professional artist painting in oils, acrylics, gouache and watercolor. He has been teaching his method of loose Impressionist painting for over ten years. 

In these two course Malcolm provides valuable painting tutorials that cover a variety of mediums, subject styles and techniques. 

"I want every artist to enjoy their painting, learning new things and getting excited about their results. Painting is a constant delight and challenge that gives back for a lifetime. Keep painting!" 


Malcolm Dewey

Artist and Teacher at Malcolm Dewey Fine Art

“ My cookbook is jam-packed with recipes, travel experiences, people I have met and of course my personal tweaks to my favorite dishes. Recipes from South Africa, Nepal, Vietnam and India. Have fun cooking and sharing with your friends and family"

Josh Dewey

Author and Chef at TheTidalChef

“ Writing has always been a specail pleasure for me. Ever since a read my first Sherlock Homes adventure as a child I was captivated by story telling. These courses cover my personal learning experiences that will help any beginner to write their first novel."

Matthew Dewey

Author and Teacher at The Penned Sleuth

“ The Pocket Poppie range of cloth dolls has been such a pleasure to create. They allow me to express my personality with how the dolls are styled. I want this course to help everyone have that creative outlet too."

Kerrin Dewey

Author and Crafter at Kerrin Crafts

“ My passion for art started when I was very young. My mother used to draw beautifully and I was so taken with it from the first moment I saw it happen. In these two courses I want to help artists develop their own passion for drawing and creating their unique art."

Antonia Dewey

Author and Crafter at Antonia Dewey Art Courses

What’s Inside the Bundle?

All these courses include permanent access. Watch them at your convenience.

7 Video based courses. Permanent access

Video download - MP4 format (20 minutes)

An Artist's Survival Guide by M. Dewey (PDF)

How to Loosen Up Your Painting (PDF) by M. Dewey

Full color cookbook (54 pages)

Your Book

PDF format download in full color.


All courses are in HD video and can be streamed on any device. Watch in your own time. No expiry.

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What others are saying ...

Hi Malcom,Thanks for introducing creative bundle to us.  (Kamlesh)

I could not stop reading your book till its end - your personality shines through every chapter. In our modern "ungrateful" world one rarely encounters open-minded, intellectual and honest people like you. (Marina)

Congratulations on having such gifted children, a clear example of nature and nurture at work! (Maria)